“The surgery went incredibly well. I was emailing on my computer a few hours after the procedure. A well trained staff and all of the handouts and videos were very helpful in preparing my mind for the surgery. I’m very happy I made the decision to let Dr. Fedyk perform my cataract surgery. I am very much looking forward to having the other eye done. ”

– Peter C.


“I had nothing but an excellent experience at St. Louis Eye Institute. My vision was so good I had to call my dermatologist the next day when I was seeing my skin “too well”.   It’s amazing what great eyesight can do. And I hate to say it, but my husband suddenly looked alot older!”

– Diane K.


“I had a wonderful experience at the St. Louis Eye Institute when I had my cataract surgeries performed. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. Everything went beautifully during the procedure and through the healing process. All of it was so quick! The best part was being able to see all the little details I had been missing for so long.”

– Werner M.


“Dr. Fedyk performed my cataract surgeries about 2 years ago. His evaluation at the time was very extensive and thorough. The surgery center was pleasant and very efficient. The nurses were as calming and professional as you could possibly imagine. And the anesthesiologist was very good too- I hardly even remember the surgery. I still catch myself reaching for my glasses that I had worn for 50 years before…. but now no longer need them. ”

– Joan J.


“I had both of my cataract surgeries done through St. Louis Eye Institute. In both cases I was impressed and pleased by the quality of care I received at every step of the procedure. For the first time in 30 years, I am not wearing glasses. The follow up after my cataract surgery was excellent.”

– Georgia K.


“My experience with Dr. Fedyk’s office was a terrific one and the results were better than I expected. Your staff was incredibly thorough, provided answers to all my questions and gave me written information that helped me learn about the surgery. Follow-up calls and visits were prompt and thorough, and I found that every member of your staff with whom I had any interaction was both professionally competent and personally helpful. As you may recall, my first contact with Dr. Fedyk was when my wife had her cataract procedure several years earlier, and I was so impressed with her results and the quality care she received that I never even considered going to anyone else when it came to having my cataracts removed. The results have been life-changing; I only rarely need reading glasses, and my life — at least as far as vision goes — has returned to the rejuvenated state of my youth. When it comes to health care professionals, both from the perspective of care and outcome, I consider St. Louis Eye to be the standard by which all others should be judged.”

– Donald A.


“I put off my cataract surgery for many months because I could not make up my mind which lens implant I wanted. I ended up going with the best vision I could get, and decided to pay extra for the higher cost lenses with a wider range of vision. I’m so happy I did- I saw better afterward than I ever expected. My eyes can see better without glasses then I ever could before. I did have a few halos and glare for a few months afterward as Dr. Fedyk had warned me. But they went away eventually. I felt no pain or anxiety during the entire surgery. The staff was very friendly and professional. I was totally satisfied with this experience. The healing was easier and quicker then when I had my Lasik surgery years ago.   It did take a while to get used to both eyes working together, but once they adapted, I was amazed at how well I was able to see. I highly recommend paying the extra for the premium lenses, even though they were not covered by my insurance and were out of pocket for me, they were well worth the additional cost. My vision is excellent, and the care and attention given at St. Louis Eye Institute was amazing.”

– Thomas B.


“The cataract surgery I had a couple of years ago was the easiest medical procedure I have ever had. The recovery time was zero. As soon as I left the surgery center, I could read street signs for the first time in years.   It was amazing to be able to see so crystal clear and resume all my daily activities. I wake up daily and should thank God daily for Dr. Fedyk’s assistance in providing me with clear vision. I did have a slight clouding in the lens capsule after the cataract removal, but Dr. Fedyk helped my vision with the laser which was painless. We would strongly recommend Dr. Fedyk for complicated and normal cataract procedures. God bless you Dr. Fedyk. Sincerely,”

-Patricia C.


“When people ask about my cataract procedure, I tell them that my experience from the beginning to the end was exceptional. I also advise them to look no further if they were to have any vision corrective procedures. Dr. Fedyk and his staff are to be commended for their professionalism and service. The St. Louis Eye Institute is clearly (in my eyes) the benchmark in the industry. I would recommend any friend or family member in a heartbeat to Dr. Fedyk for eye care or surgery.”

“P.S. My only complaint is that my golf game has not gotten any better. As a matter of fact, I now clearly see all of my bad shots!”

-Barry H.


“I had worn rigid contact lenses for years to help my distance vision, and still had to wear glasses to read up close. My eye surgery has truly turned back the clock. As to the surgery and ‘recovery’ – it’s as if it never happened. No pain of any kind. I left the surgery center and was reading street signs on the way home. Now I can read menus and newspapers at the same time! My regular eye doctor didn’t do surgery, but upon diagnosing cataracts, she said, ‘Go to Dr. Fedyk and make sure HE does the surgery.’ That was the best advice ever. Dr. Fedyk is a leader in the field and very comforting throughout the experience. An easier, more rewarding experience could not be imagined. Thank you Doctor for returning my sight!”

-Mary O.

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